Texas Never Gives Up

Texas Never Gives Up

by Michael Weiss

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The story of Hurricane Harvey’s devastating effects on Houston in August of 2017 were well known.  What is not well know, is that months later there are still communities within Houston that have not recovered.  There are still people helping those in need.

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 John Vinton, a Red Monkey super fan is one of those still working to help the forgotten people of Houston.  John embodies the spirit of Red Monkey. John never gives up, Houston never gives up, Texas never gives up.  

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Red Monkey is donating 100% of the profits of the sales of our Lone Star Black hat to the Houston Strong Fund in the name of John Vinton.  100% of the donation will immediately go directly to those still in need.

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Texas never forgets anyone.  Texas never leaves anyone behind.  Texas never gives up.

Texas is always strong.

Expected to ship December 15th