Fall 2016 Hat Collection Sneak Peak

Fall 2016 Hat Collection Sneak Peak

by Michael Weiss

It was an amazing Summer with Gold Tip becoming the second best selling Red Monkey hat in our 20 year history.  As summer fades to fall, we start our Fall 2016 releases with an update of our number one best selling hat of all time Double Headed with a warm gray 3D stitch on our number one of all time...Larissa Reis.

Double Headed Warm Grey Larissa Reis

Double Headed Warm Gray release September 1
A new photoshoot with Larissa releases this fall  #lookforit


Rawhide is unique 5 panel leather hat high on style from our 20th anniversary limited edition collection

black storm

Black Storm
An uber clean look from our 20th anniversary limited edition collection

black skull

Black Chrome Skull
A clean look yet high on style and detail

chrome monkey series

From Chrome Monkey Black to Camo Chrome Monkey...the Chrome series continues this Fall with Chrome Monkey Red and Navy with Jessa Hinton.  Photoshoot arriving in September.  #lookforit on Instagram and Facebook.


And we wrap with a sneak peak of October. Many more Fall hats coming all season long.  #lookforit

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